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I can't login to the admin side of my store and the password reset tool doesn't work?!



  • Robert Biddles


    These instructions are having no effect on the log-in. I've followed the instructions to edit the admin log-in and even created a new super-user. Cubecart is not letting either id log into the store system.

  • Alessandro

    No effects for me too. I have installed CubeCart on my Windows 10 computer with PHP 7.1.26 and MySQL 5.7.25. Installation was fine but now I cannot log into admin dashboard. Username and Password are correct, when I click Log In button the page refreshes, credentials disappear and I am stuck on that page again. Any help please? Thanks.

  • Al Brookbanks

    Please try again. This will work when carried out correctly and session handling is working correctly on your server. 


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